Pinnacle’s Quality Management System successfully meets all requirements and standards set by our current and new customers. Our QMS policies and procedures provide our customers with confidence, knowing that Pinnacle is dedicated to the highest standard of quality.

We use the following industry quality systems: QS and TS

Read on to learn more about Quality Management and our Services.

Sort / Containment / Rework

We offer a variety of different services within the quality field such as sorting, reworking, containment and inspection. Pinnacle has the ability to provide experienced support in your facility, or provide a dedicated area within our facility.
We are experienced in Sorting / Reworking a wide range of material and products. Pinnacle provides a quick response time and we work hard to meet a customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on strategic planning, flexibility, efficiency and a dedication to Quality Assurance.

Controlled Receiving / Shipping

Pinnacle uses a variety of different gauges and tools to expertly inspect the wide range of products in the shipping and receiving process. The Pinnacle team handles the material of each customer, in an organized and safe manner. All sort / rework material at Pinnacle goes through a controlled audit by a trained auditor before being shipped, ensuring Quality Standards have been met. Backed by proven results along with the staff to perform such tasks, we would welcome any opportunity to work with your organization and allow you to focus on what your company does well without the extra hassles.

Warehousing and Storage

Our warehouse management system is an up-to-date program, which processes all information for any type of product that requires storage and handling. We use JIT, FIFO and KANBAN and control inventory with a bar code scanning and scales system. This system also allows Pinnacle customers to view their inventory through this website.

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