About Us

Let Us Receive It, Inspect It, Store It, Repack It, Ship It – and More!

Logistics usually eats up a lot of your company’s time, space and money. But with Pinnacle, your supply chain, logistics are simple and affordable. Pinnacle’s multi-service team works with quality equipment, a state-of-the-art inventory control system and over 275,000 square feet of warehouse space, spread over our three locations here in Stratford, ON. We receive, inspect, store, inventory, sort, rework and repackage your inventory according to your requirements. Please see our services page for an exhaustive list of what we can do for your business.


JIT and the Future of Warehousing: Pinnacle’s There

Successful manufacturers of today and tomorrow are shrewd and efficient, and don’t weigh themselves down with in-house logistics and assembly. The future lies in continued outsourcing to trusted, skilled supply chain management companies, and Pinnacle is the best choice for Stratford and surrounding area. Pinnacle’s JIT delivery and handling, FIFO and quality standards, multiple services and great locations, make us the supply chain solution that lets your business focus on success. 


Our “Mission” is to meet & exceed our valued customer’s expectations regarding the daily execution of “accurate movement”, “timely delivery” and cost effective storage of their inventory.

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